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$100 million for the refugee crisis in Toronto.

Today, the federal government announced that it will provide an additional $210 million to fund temporary housing for asylum seekers, with approximately half of that money allocated to Toronto.

The Minister of Immigration, Sean Fraser, made the announcement this morning, stating that $97 million has been allocated to assist refugees in Toronto who do not receive support from federal programs.

"This will put us in a position where the city of Toronto will have no concerns about the federal portion of the costs to ensure they can provide housing, in case those who were denied access decide to re-access Toronto's shelter system," said Fraser.

Toronto officials had previously stated that they needed at least $100 million more in federal funds to keep up with the increasing number of refugees. The city reported having 2,900 asylum seekers in the housing system in May, compared to 537 seekers in September 2021.

Fraser's announcement appears to be a direct response to this request, coming weeks after asylum seekers found themselves caught in a discussion about funding between the three levels of government.

On the other hand, Ontario Premier Doug Ford avoided answering a question about additional provincial funding to help with the influx of refugees arriving in the province. Instead, he urged the federal government to expedite work permits for these individuals.

But nothing about additional funds from the province.

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