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Canada to make multi-million dollar investment in fighter jets

Canada is officially buying the F-35 fighter jet, ending a years-long quest to replace its aging CF-18 fleet

Defense Minister Anita Anand announced Monday that Canada reached an agreement with the United States and F-35 manufacturer Lockheed Martin to buy 88 aircraft at an estimated cost of $19 billion.

We will deliver on our commitment to ensure that our air force has the equipment it needs to protect Canadians. The F-35 is a reliable, modern and agile fighter aircraft model, is used by our closest allies on missions around the world, is the most advanced model on the market and is the right fighter aircraft for our country. The F-35 will provide our pilots with enhanced intelligence tools, surveillance, reconnaissance capabilities, which substantially improves the assessment of each situation and the chances of survival.

Anand added that the acquisition will also help Canada meet its Norad and NATO commitments.

The first four aircraft are scheduled for delivery in 2026, although officials say they will initially be based in the U.S. while the Canadian military prepares the necessary facilities.

Royal Canadian Air Force pilots and technicians will train at bases in the U.S. while those preparations are underway, and the F-35s are scheduled to arrive in Canada no earlier than 2029.

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