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Ford and Tory congratulate Chow.

After stating last week that if Olivia Chow won the elections, it would be an absolute disaster for the city of Toronto, today Premier Doug Ford has congratulated the mayor-elect and pledged to work with her for the good of the city.

After initially stating that he would stay out of the mayoral race, former mayor John Tory issued a statement congratulating the new mayor. He emphasized that Chow brings significant public service experience to the city and offered his assistance for whatever she may need.

"She loves this city just as I do, and I will do whatever it takes to help her in the days and months to come," Tory said in his statement.

Although Tory had initially announced his support for Ana Bailao, last week he announced his endorsement of her opponent, which generated a significant boost in her numbers but was not enough to defeat Chow.

It is worth noting that Premier Doug Ford, who had previously expressed negative views about Chow's potential victory, has now congratulated the mayor-elect and expressed his willingness to work with her for the benefit of the city. Chow, in her victory speech, acknowledged the Premier's call and extended an olive branch, stating, "Premier, we are ready, let's work together."

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