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Lula: Military opened palace doors to invaders

Brazil's President Lula Da Silva has accused the military and military police of "opening the doors" to the extremist Bolsonaristas who on Sunday stormed the headquarters of the three branches of government in Brasilia.

Many people from the Armed Forces conspired in here. Many people from the military police conspired in here. I am convinced that the door of the Planalto Palace was opened for them to enter because there is no broken door. That is, someone here facilitated their entrance. So we are going to investigate calmly, to determine what really happened because I have seen videos of army soldiers talking with the invaders, soldiers even singing with the invaders.

Until now, the president had not referred with such forcefulness to the connivance of uniformed officers in the invasion led by thousands of the most radical followers of the former president, the far-right Jair Bolsonaro, 67.

Lula has explained that he is waiting for "the dust to settle" to review all the recordings of the security cameras of the palace where he has his office, one of the three buildings fiercely attacked by the hordes that do not accept Lula's victory based on all kinds of conspiracy theories.

The indications of collusion and omission among the Military Police discovered in the hours following the assault were enough for the Supreme Court to remove from their posts the governor of the Federal District and the secretary of Public Security, both allies of Bolsonaro. In addition, it ordered the imprisonment of the head of the Military Police of the Federal District.

In the house of Anderson Torres, who was secretary of Security of the DF and was Bolsonaro's minister, the police have located, according to the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo, which does not cite any source, a draft decree with a coup-like odor, a text that would allow the president to intervene the Electoral Court to reverse the result of the October elections, which Bolsonaro lost by the slimmest of margins. Torres, whose arrest was ordered by the Supreme Court days ago, is in Florida, like the former president.

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