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More than 70% feel unsafe on public transportation in Ontario

Some 71% of Ontarians feel less or somewhat less safe using public transit than they did a year ago, a new survey suggests.

The findings were released today in a Nanos survey amid a series of seemingly random violent incidents on or near transit in Toronto.

According to the survey, Ontario residents are more likely to report feeling less safe on public transit compared to other provinces and regions.

Some 66% of Ontario respondents also indicated that they were more or somewhat more cautious of their surroundings when in an urban environment as a result of recent incidents.

Earlier this week, the City of Toronto said it would temporarily deploy 50 security guards on TTC property, in addition to hiring 20 community safety ambassadors, in an effort to prioritize security in the system.

This is in addition to a budget increase for the Toronto Police Service that would involve the hiring of 50 special constables. This includes 25 new positions and previously vacant positions.

Despite these promised measures, most Ontarians and Canadians appear to remain concerned about security, the survey suggests.

The recently released survey suggests that approximately six in 10 Canadians who use public transit feel less safe or somewhat less safe while traveling compared to a year ago.

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