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No more shared Netflix accounts in Canada

Sharing a Netflix account for free with friends and family will soon no longer be a possibility in Canada, as the streaming giant begins cracking down on password sharing.

Netflix Canada began sending emails to Canadian users on Wednesday outlining limits on how users they don't live with can access accounts.

It comes as Netflix looks to boost subscribers and revenue after years of relying on password sharing to generate word-of-mouth for its TV series and movies.

Under the rules, premium and standard account holders can "purchase additional member space" for $7.99 per month each.

For that price, premium 4K HD subscribers, who pay $20.99 per month, can add up to two members who don't live in their household.

Standard subscribers, who pay $16.49 per month, can add one additional member for the same additional monthly fee.

Basic plans, which cost $9.99, and ad-supported plans, which cost $5.99, will not be able to add additional members.

Netflix did not say when it would begin enforcing the new rules, but characterized the announcement as the first step in requiring viewers to have an account for their own household.

A letter received by one subscriber on Wednesday, titled "Netflix is for one household," said they had until Feb. 21 to add a "primary location" to their account.

This allows Netflix to recognize anyone accessing the account outside the home base.

For viewers who travel frequently or have a second home, Netflix says the account holder will need to log into their Netflix mobile app at least once a month while connected to the Wi-Fi network at their primary location.

Subscribers who move homes within Canada may need to update their primary location to avoid being locked out of Netflix, according to the company's help page.

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