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Owner of Audi used in robbery tells how it was ripped out of her hands

A Quebec woman said she was shocked to discover that her stolen Audi had been used in what is described as an "absolutely insane" Ontario mall robbery.

Taylor-Anna Kobinger, a resident of Laval, Quebec, listed her black 2011 Audi A4 on Facebook Marketplace in January as a means to raise the funds needed for a down payment on a house.

On Jan. 29, Kobinger said a man responded to her ad and came to her home to test drive the vehicle. She said he took the car out twice: On the first trip, she said everything went fine, but when he asked to test drive it a second time, she said the man started "driving dangerously."

"He was really driving very dangerously and I didn't feel safe, so I asked him to switch," Kobinger said.

But, as she got out of the passenger seat, she said the man stepped on the gas and drove away.

"I tried to run after him. I fell - I slipped because I had rain boots on," he said. "And from that point on, I haven't seen my car."

However, yesterday Kobinger was contacted by York Regional Police (YRP) to tell her that her car had been involved in a theft, more than 550 km from her home in Laval.

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