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Peruvian Congress refuses to bring forward elections

The Peruvian Congress again rejected to bring forward the elections to 2023. The last proposal, presented by the congressman of Fuerza Popular (fujimorismo) Hernando Guerra, did not obtain the necessary votes.

As it had announced days before, in the face of a new refusal of the Congress, the government of President Dina Boluarte, presented last night a bill so that the elections could be held this same year.

"A few moments ago, we have introduced a bill in the Congress, which by constitutional mandate has the character of urgent and priority, a legislative initiative in which we are proposing the advancement of general elections for the year 2023", declared its Prime Minister, Alberto Otárola.

The project proposes that the first round of elections be held on the second Sunday of October 2023, on the 8th.

"We hope that Congress will promptly, if possible in the next few days, put this bill on the agenda and return to discuss and reflect on the need for peace and tranquility that the country requires," Otárola said.

Yesterday was the third time since the crisis began on December 7 in Peru that the Congress rejects bringing forward the elections to 2023, while the main demand in the street protests is that both president and congressmen go to elections. "Let them all go," read banners.

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