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Peruvian President willing to advance elections to December 2023

Peru's president, Dina Boluarte, on Friday expressed her willingness to bring forward the elections to December, with respect to the previous proposal to hold them in April 2024, also in advance, as a possible mechanism to stop the protests that have not ceased in the country since December.

The Peruvian president added that if these go without political reforms, perhaps the months could be shortened a little more.

The Peruvian Congress approved in mid-December, after the replacement of Castillo by Boluarte, a constitutional reform that would make it possible to bring forward general elections by two years, to April 2024, but a second vote is pending to endorse this step.

The president of the Constitutional Commission of the legislature, Hernando Guerra, announced on Thursday that an alternative text could be presented to establish the end of the presidential and parliamentary term in December.

Mientras, las protestas sociales, que han causado medio centenar de muertos, prosiguen en varias zonas del país y en la capital para exigir la renuncia de Boluarte y el adelanto electoral.

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