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Poilievre criticizes Trudeau's health proposal

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre reacted today to the federal government's announcement of a potential health care funding deal with the provinces and territories.

Ottawa offered a $196.1 billion increase over 10 years, including $46.2 billion in new funding.

Health is broke and the federal government is broke after 8 years of Justin Trudeau. He has money for charity, 54 million for the useless Arrive Can app, over 100 million for contracts to McKensey, but not enough for health care. Yesterday he announced sums that are not adequate, according to premiers, to remedy the damage done after Trudeau's 8 years. Obviously a future Conservative government led by me will keep those additional sums and honor the commitments made yesterday, but we regret that the prime minister broke the federal bank and spent so much money that he cannot now come to the table with an offer that will help alleviate the suffering in our emergency rooms and the long waiting lists that have gotten out of control.

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