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Police report dozens of accidents in the GTA due to bad weather

Police are responding to dozens of collisions on GTA highways after temperatures dropped and snow fell overnight, making Friday morning's commute risky.

Environment Canada is warning motorists to expect hazardous winter driving conditions and adjust travel plans accordingly due to the first wave of winter weather in 2023. Freezing temperatures and blowing snow are contributing to treacherous driving.

We are finally seeing winter weather here in the GTA already, O.P.P. officers have responded to over thirty accidents, on the 401, Highway 6 and elsewhere. If you are driving remember that the roads may look just wet, but they can be slippery, as we are in freezing temperatures the moisture left by the rains and snow can freeze and that can make driving more difficult. Please keep a greater distance from other vehicles so that they have time to react and we can be better drivers.

He says fortunately no injuries have been reported.

A winter weather travel advisory alert was issued Thursday night, noting Toronto could see up to 10 centimetres of snow by the end of the day Friday. Environment Canada says the heaviest snow accumulations are expected in higher terrain areas.

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