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Potential flooding in Vaughan, Hamilton and Niagara

With rain forecast and temperatures rising, regions north and south of Toronto that were hardest hit by a recent snowstorm are now bracing for possible flooding.

The City of Vaughan warned Friday that water levels are expected to rise in the coming days due to a combination of melting rain, snow and ice.

"Expect water levels and flows in rivers and streams in Vaughan to be higher than normal over the next few days," the statement said. "The city encourages you to avoid bodies of water, as these weather conditions can lead to rapid cold water flow and slippery or unstable banks."

"In addition, they can lead to the breakup and movement of river ice along waterways and can cause ice jams and flooding in low-lying areas.

The City is advising residents to clean out sinkholes to allow for proper drainage.

"The resident who lives closest to a sinkhole is encouraged to help clear it of snow, ice and other debris if it is safe to do so."

It also warns residents not to walk into flooded basements.

Meanwhile, the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority issued a Flood Warning, citing elevated risks in the Niagara Peninsula, parts of southeastern Hamilton and eastern Haldimand County as snow accumulations melt and rain falls.

"This rain, combined with snow melt on saturated or frozen ground, may cause significant runoff to be directed into local ditches, watercourses and storm sewer systems," he said.

As of Friday morning, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority says rivers and streams and the Lake Ontario shoreline have normal water levels.

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