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Premiers disappointed with government's healthcare proposal

The premiers of Canada's provinces and territories have given their views on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's offer of funding to address the health care crisis yesterday.

This is what Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson said after listening to the federal government's proposal with the other premiers:

Quebec Premier Francois Legault said the premiers should have more talks with the federal government to see if there is room to negotiate terms, especially when it comes to the amounts that have been offered.

Premiers have been asking for a large influx of cash from Ottawa to the tune of about $23 billion, arguing that the federal government should shoulder more of the rising health care costs.

"Once we all absorb it, when we go home, we'll have questions," added Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

The federal government presented an offer Tuesday to the provinces and territories for an additional $17 billion over 10 years to the Canada Health Transfer, an immediate $2 billion top-up for this year to help provinces relieve intense pressure on emergency rooms and children's hospitals, and $25 billion for targeted funding for family doctors, mental health,

The premiers said the offer will increase the federal share of health care costs from 22% to 24% next year, well below the 35% they were seeking.

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