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Procession transports body of OPP officer killed in shootout

A police procession was held Friday morning for Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Const. Grzegorz "Greg" Pierzchala, who was killed earlier this week near Hagersville, Ontario.

The procession left the Toronto Forensic Science Centre at 9:00 a.m. and traveled north to Barrie, his hometown.

A police funeral for Pierzchala will be held in Barrie on Jan. 4. The OPP said details will be announced once they are finalized.

Pierzchala, 28, was fatally shot Tuesday afternoon while responding to a call about a vehicle in a ditch.

Two suspects allegedly stole a vehicle to flee the scene. They later abandoned that vehicle and fled the scene on foot, but officers were able to track and arrest them nearby, one of whom had an extensive rap sheet for crimes committed with violence and firearms.

In light of the number of police officers killed on duty and the increase in armed crime today, Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre called on Justin Trudeau's government to reform Bill C-75 to modify the ability of repeat offenders to obtain bail:

The homicides of police officers are extremely disturbing, this is the fifth officer killed since September and is part of the 32% increase in violent crime that has been occurring over the last 7 years and the 92% increase in gang related homicides, in this particular case the accused was free on bail after committing similar violent crimes, including the use of firearms and crimes against police officers. This policy where someone can easily get out on bail can be found in Justin Trudeau's Bill C-75. This law makes it much easier for bail to be granted to repeat violent criminals, even when the charges are serious and the individual poses a danger to the public. So we Conservatives are calling on the Trudeau government to reverse its bail policy, which allows prisoners arrested after a long history of violent crime to walk free. We believe they should remain in prison until their trials are concluded and if convicted that they remain behind bars to ensure they do not pose a danger to the public.
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