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Service Ontario launches new online services

Premier Doug Ford announced new changes at Service Ontario to make it "faster" and "easier" to obtain driver's licenses and health cards.

The province announced Wednesday that at 64 of Service Ontario's busiest locations, customers can now book multiple services in one appointment or book an appointment for the whole family.

Service Ontario introduced its online appointment booking system in November 2022 to reduce wait times and COVID-19 risk.

We know there is much more we can do to save people time and money. Today we are announcing enhancements to Service Ontario's appointment booking system that will allow users at busy centers to receive multiple services in one appointment, or make an appointment for the whole family. This new system will be smartphone friendly, allowing an appointment to be made or rescheduled via cell phone. We are also implementing new technology to reduce waiting time on phone calls, and my friends, other measures are on the way.

In addition Service Ontario is also enhancing its virtual services, offering health card renewals via video call.

Ford said a number of new Service Ontario pilot programs will be implemented in the coming months.

Soon-to-be-married couples will be able to apply for marriage licenses online, instead of visiting city hall. By spring, Ford said digital dealer registrations will expand to trade-ins and used cars.

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