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Strange handshake between a premier and Trudeau

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith met face-to-face with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a photo opportunity marked by brief statements and a very awkward handshake.

Smith and Trudeau met briefly to discuss shared aspirations and concerns about pending federal legislation aimed at helping Canadian workers adapt to the global move toward greater reliance on renewable energy.

The brief meeting began with Trudeau bending down to shake hands, and Smith offered a hesitant palm-down hand in return, prompting Trudeau to take it and hold it in place with his thumb on top as cameras clicked and whirred.

The photo was expected because of the bitter attacks Smith has made against Trudeau accusing him of not being a true national government and after passing legislation giving his government the power to ignore federal rules.

He has accused Trudeau of trying to decimate Alberta's oil and gas industry with his green transition legislation, but now says he wants to at least try to work collaboratively.

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