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Toronto police seize $32 million in cocaine and methamphetamines

Toronto police seized $32 million worth of illegal drugs and made multiple arrests as part of a recent drug investigation.

On Wednesday, police announced the seizure of 388 kilograms of illegal drugs as part of Project Hill, which began in October of last year. The drugs recovered included crystal methamphetamine, cocaine and fentanyl.

In addition to the drugs, police also seized four firearms, seven vehicles, including a stolen Land Rover Range Rover 2022 with an estimated value of $150,000, and more than $500,000.

Police said 15 search warrants were executed as investigators searched residences in Toronto and found "booby-trapped furniture" in two residences allegedly used to conceal contraband.

Among the residences were seven condominiums that police say were used as hideouts.

Superintendent Steve Watts, of the Toronto police organized crime unit, said the drugs are manufactured in Mexico and transported through the United States and Canada.

Project Hill is a follow-up to Operation Saphiro, which in October last year made the largest drug seizure in Toronto's history.

In total we now have 7 people who will have to appear in court in relation to both operations, Saphiro and Cerro, for the distribution and trafficking of these controlled substances. Combined both operations give a total of 1,058 kilos of drugs. 170 kilos of cocaine, 884 kilos of crystallized methamphetamines and 3.7 kilos of fentanyl. For a total street value of $87 million. The capacity to manufacture crystalline methamphetamine at a high level, at a pure level, these come from Mexico. There are different modes of transport, such as vehicular transport, they are first transported through the southern United States and then up to Canada. The only ones that probably have the capacity to supply this amount of drugs are the cartels.

Watts explained that once the judicial process related to the operation is concluded, this large quantity of drugs will be incinerated.

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