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Toronto prepares to receive up to six inches of snow tomorrow

Toronto and the GTA remain under a special weather declaration as the city prepares for its first significant snowfall of the year.

The commute home tomorrow evening and the Thursday morning rush hour commute are expected to be the hardest hit, as Environment Canada forecasts 10 to 15 centimetres of snow accumulation.

A low pressure system will be responsible for the snow event, but temperatures will remain relatively mild.

The maximum temperature for tomorrow will be around 1°C so we could have heavy, wet snow.

According to forecasters we could have flurries early Wednesday, but the heavier and wetter snow, along with the stronger wind, should begin around 3 p.m. and continue through the night.

Tomorrow everything will run as follows:

Showers around 7 a.m. Wednesday.

Quick but brief flurries of heavier snow around 10 a.m. Wednesday

Steadily heavier, wetter snow and strong wind around 3 p.m. Wednesday

Snow continues through the afternoon, overnight and into Thursday morning.

The previous record snowfall on Jan. 25 in Toronto was set in 2005, when 7.8 centimeters fell. Some areas could see up to 20 centimeters of accumulation thanks to strong easterly winds.

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