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WHO assesses whether COVID-19 remains a global emergency

Three years after declaring the COVID-19 pandemic a global public health threat, WHO will decide if the danger has passed.

The World Health Organization announced that it will decide this Friday whether the coronavirus pandemic remains a public health emergency of international concern.

The entity said in a statement that the director general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, convened the Emergency Committee for COVID-19 to make the assessment.

It is the 14th meeting of that committee since Jan. 22-23, 2020, when it recommended declaring the pandemic a global public health emergency and has reiterated that qualification at all subsequent meetings.

According to the statement, Tedros will be in charge of deciding whether the pandemic remains a global emergency and will announce it to the press at a later date.

Many countries have already lifted prevention measures for COVID-19 due to high levels of vaccination and declining rates of severe cases of the disease.

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