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World "dangerously unprepared" for future pandemics

The world is "dangerously unprepared" for future pandemics, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) says in a report released Monday, calling on countries to update their preparedness plans by the end of the year.

In its World Disasters Report 2022, the IFRC said "all countries remain dangerously unprepared for future outbreaks" despite COVID-19 killing more people than any earthquake, drought or hurricane in history.

"The next pandemic could be around the corner. If the COVID-19 experience doesn't accelerate our steps toward preparedness, what will?" said Jagan Chapagain, secretary general of the IFRC, the world's largest disaster response network.

"There will be no excuse for a continued lack of preparedness after going through three terrible years."

The report says countries should review their legislation to ensure it is in line with their pandemic preparedness plans by the end of 2023 and adopt a new treaty and revised International Health Regulations by next year that would invest more in preparing local communities.

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