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Canada announces war tanks to be sent to Ukraine

After several days of questioning whether Canada would join other allied nations in responding to Ukraine's request for battle tanks to defend its territory, Defense Minister Anita Anand today confirmed the delivery of the combat-ready armored vehicles.

This was announced by Defense Minister Anita Anand:

Today we are announcing that Canada will provide Ukraine with four Leopard battle tanks in the coming weeks. This donation, combined with the contribution of allies and partners, will significantly assist the Ukrainian armed forces in their heroic struggle to defend their nation, their freedom and their sovereignty. These heavily armed vehicles will give soldiers a tactical advantage on the battlefield, thanks to their excellent mobility, artillery power and endurance. These tanks will help Ukraine liberate more of its territory and defend its people from Russia's brutal invasion.

Anand also added that Canada will deploy "several" members of the Canadian Armed Forces to train Ukrainian soldiers with the skills they will need to operate this equipment.

On Wednesday, after mounting pressure, Germany and the United States announced that they would arrange for the shipment of dozens of Leopard 2 tanks. In addition, Poland asked the German government to allow other countries, such as Canada, which purchased these German-made military vehicles, to do the same, and Berlin gave the green light for their re-export.

Prior to Anand's announcement, Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called on Canada to join them.

"It is very important for the free world to be in full solidarity by supporting Ukraine," Morawiecki said in an exclusive interview with CTV News Channel's Power Play. "Modern tanks are very important, extremely important on this battlefield in Ukraine. So I hope that Canada will be even more generous with Canadian supplies to Ukraine."

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