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Changes to passenger bill of rights to be introduced

Transport Minister Omar Alghabra said Tuesday that the government will review the airlines' passenger bill of rights in response to claims by travelers that the system is fundamentally flawed.

Alghabra said regulatory reform, and possibly new legislation, will be introduced this spring to strengthen passenger rights. It will be one of the government's priorities when Parliament resumes sitting next week, he said.

Major travel disruptions last summer, and a problem-plagued holiday travel season, have made it clear that reforms are needed to better protect passengers from airlines that fail to meet their service standards, Alghabra told reporters on the sidelines of a federal cabinet. retreat in Hamilton.

The aviation sector is recovering, but there is still a lot of work to do. we are dealing with labor shortages, with airlines recovering from the pandemic. But we need to make sure that consumers are protected during this period and our government is doing the job, we are taking action, we are going to strengthen the passenger bill of rights, we are going to make sure that airports have the tools they need and that passengers are protected.

Alghabra added to watch for next steps as Canadians don't want to see angry politicians, they want to see politicians take action.

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