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Conservatives call for investigation into contracts awarded to McKinsey

Conservative MPs Garnett Genuis, Stephanie Kusie and Pierre Paul-Hus today made a speaking call from Parliament Hill for the auditor general to conduct an inquiry into federal contracts awarded to McKinsey & Company.

The Liberal government has awarded more than $100 million in contracts to McKinsey since the party came to power in 2015. By comparison the Conservatives awarded the same firm $2.2 million between 2006 and 2015.

The McKinsey scandal has captured the attention of Canadians with new revelations every day. McKinsey has been involved in so many scandals around the world, they have been involved with the Chinese government, the Saudi government, the Russian government and this is the company that Justin Trudeau chose to repeatedly benefit from contracts with the government of Canada for work that the public service could do on its own. The Liberal government's response is that they're going to have 2 cabinet ministers to investigate and we don't believe that Liberals can be trusted to investigate other Liberals, that's why today we Conservatives are calling on the Auditor General to conduct an independent investigation into what has happened with the McKinsey contracts.

The Conservatives are referring to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's appointment of public services minister Helena Jaczek and Treasury Board chair Mona Fortier to investigate contracts awarded to McKinsey.

"We will follow up to make sure it was done the right way and to see if we need to modify or change the rules," Trudeau said, speaking in French in mid-January.

When asked about the issue during question period last week, Jaczek said the government is "committed" to ensuring its contracts "meet the highest standards."

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