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Conservatives take advantage

The stalemate between liberal and conservative supporters appears to have been broken, as suggested by a new survey, with conservatives slightly ahead.

In an Ipsos survey conducted exclusively for Global News and published on Tuesday, 37% of Canadians said they would vote for Pierre Poilievre's Conservative Party, indicating a four-point jump since February.

If federal elections were held tomorrow, the Liberals would lag behind with 32% of the votes, one point less than four months ago when Ipsos conducted its last survey.

Since 2019, the Liberals and Conservatives have been "stuck in a deadlock," but this is the first time Ipsos polls show that either side can truly break through, said Darrell Bricker, Global CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs.

He stated that the survey reflected "fatigue" with the Liberal government rather than a growing support for the Conservatives.

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