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He changed the lyrics to the hymn

Controversy has been caused by singer Jully Black's slight but significant change to Canada's anthem last night at the NBA All-Star Game.

The R&B singer and Juno Award winner sounded flawless, earning praise from fans and admirers on social media.

But what has drawn the most attention is that by changing a single word Black put the spotlight on Canada's colonial past and the appropriation of indigenous peoples' lands.

Instead of saying "Oh Canada, our home and native land," Jully Black sang at the top of her lungs "our home IN native lands."

After the event, comments have rained down on social networks and Jully Black made it very clear that changing the lyrics was intentional.

She told in an interview that she contacted some indigenous friends to ask them how they felt about her interpreting the anthem, took into account their comments and decided to change the lyrics to sing it intentionally with a completely different meaning.

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