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Jagmeet Sighn: No to health privatization

Singh addressed his New Democrat caucus today in a speech that focused largely on the struggles facing the working class.

Singh accused Trudeau of allowing some of the country's premiers to dismantle health care by introducing private health care services, paid for with public funds.

The NDP leader called on the federal government to ban privatization as part of negotiations with the provinces on health care funding.

In fact the premier has an opportunity right now to protect health care while they negotiate funding with the provinces, and we all agree that there must be conditions, one of those conditions has to be expressly no privatization. We want to make it clear, no for-profit company should take over health care, no charging patients for anything, let's not cannibalize hospitals by diverting their doctors and nurses to for-profit clinics. what are Trudeau conditions, apparently he is not bothered by Doug Ford's plan to put health care up for sale and Daniel Smith plan to tear up the foundations of medicare.

Jagmeet Sighn also accused the prime minister of not doing enough to combat inflation and rising grocery prices and assured that the NDP will fight for Canadian workers and families when the House of Commons resumes work this month.


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