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Maduro calls on Biden to lift all sanctions

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has asked his US counterpart, Joe Biden, on Thursday to lift "all sanctions" applied by the US government to the Caribbean country in recent years.

"Enough of sanctions. Government of Joe Biden, lift all criminal sanctions against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, enough of criminal sanctions," said Maduro during the accountability of the year 2022 before the National Assembly (AN/Parliament), with a resounding pro-government majority.

He indicated that, according to expert estimates, in the last 8 years Venezuela has been robbed of 411 million dollars per day", which he described as "criminal robbery".

He pointed out that "more than 927 sanctions" have been applied, of which 42.19% are against government agencies, 18.75% against the oil industry and 17.19% against the country's economy and finances, including the "prohibition to open bank accounts to collect the products" exported and the "freezing of almost 20 billion dollars".

He also added that 7.81% of the restrictions were against the private sector, 4.69% against the political sector, 4.69% against transport, 3.13% against food and 1.55% against other sectors.

On the other hand, he reiterated that the sanctions caused a 99% drop in oil revenues, which means that "the country lost 232 billion dollars".


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