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Mexico and the United States deported close to 200,000 Central Americans

Mexican and US authorities deported more than 196,300 Salvadorans, Guatemalans and Hondurans in 2022, among them more than 35,000 children and adolescents, according to official data consulted Tuesday by EFE.

According to a report by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), for the Northern Triangle of Central America, Mexico deported 106,827 people and the United States 89,552, for a total of 196,379, an increase of 58% compared to 124,280 cases in 2021.

Added to this 2022 deportation figure are 837 repatriations from other countries that were not detailed, bringing the overall number of deportations of nationals from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to 197,216 and up 57.4%.

The data, compiled from government sources, indicate that deportations from Mexican territory alone rose by 17.4%, compared to 91,012 cases in 2021.

Returns from the United States increased by 169.2%, compared to 33,268 entries in 2021.

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