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Over 10 million hectares have already been burned.

Canadian forest fires so far this year have burned 10 million hectares of land and counting, according to data from the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre.

The milestone comes as the nation faces its worst recorded wildfire season, historically spanning from April to September.

The previous record was set in 1989 when 7.6 million hectares were burned.

Authorities have warned that in many parts of the country, fire seasons are starting earlier and lasting longer. Earlier this month, government officials stated that Canada's wildfire season is far from over, with projections showing a potential for above-normal fire activity across the country throughout the month and into August.

The conditions are being driven by drought and above-normal temperatures, officials said in a presentation to journalists on July 6. Fires are burning across the country, which is also unprecedented, they added.

Canada's wildfire season has become so severe that the country needs an "unprecedented level of international support" to combat them.

"The firefighting effort has truly become a global endeavor," officials said during the presentation.

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