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Poilievre and Trudeau launch harsh criticism of each other in speeches to MPs

En el día de hoy tanto Justin Trudeu como Pierre Poilievre se dirigieron cada uno al caucus de sus partidos antes de que retomen las labores en el parlamento.

El líder conservador Pierre Poilievre acusó al gobierno liberal de hundir al país en el "caos" después de ocho años en el cargo, criticando al primer ministro Justin Trudeau por un aumento en el crimen, problemas de inflación y problemas en los aeropuertos del país.

El líder conservador Pierre Poilievre recalcó su afirmación de que “todo se siente roto” en Canadá, mientras criticó al primer ministro Justin Trudeau por sugerir lo contrario.

What is going on in our country? Seriously. Look around you, crime has gotten out of control in the streets, people are desperate at the prospect of losing their homes to rising inflation and interest rates, which this government promised would never happen. Canadians are losing loved ones to violence and families that were locked out for two years because of the pandemic are now locked out of airports when they want to go on vacation. Everything seems to be broken. Oh I just offended Justin Trudeau, he gets very upset when I talk about these problems. He believes that if they are not said out loud Canadians will forget they exist. He said it to me in a speech, very angry, just before Christmas, he said it in front of 2 thousand Liberal lobbyists, political teams and consultants who paid $5,000 just to hear him speak. Canadians have never been better off" and you know, for the people in that room that was absolutely true.

A Poilievre government, the Conservative leader said, will restore order and pull the economy back from the brink.

Trudeau also used his speech to the Liberal caucus to rub Poilievre's nose in his closeness to misogynist and denialist groups about what happened in Canada's residential schools.

There are politicians, like Mr. Poilievre, who have no real solutions to offer and only seek to exploit people's anger and concerns. the liberals' vision of the future could not be more different than that of Mr. Poilievre. Mr. Poilievre started giving advice on investing in cryptocurrencies to beat inflation after watching a few videos on youtube, we all like youtube, but the content you watch and what you choose to amplify matters too. Mr. Poilievre also used youtube tagging misogynist groups, something he has never apologized for, nor explained. Now he gives speeches to the Frontier center in Winnipeg, a group that says it is a myth that residential schools ripped indigenous children away from their parents and robbed them of their childhood. this is not only hurtful, it is wrong. Twisting facts for political gain is not responsible leadership.

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