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Poilievre demands Trudeau to explain contracts awarded to McKinsey consulting firm

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

The leader of the Canadian Conservative Party, Pierre Poilievre, held a press conference today to discuss what the Conservative Party has called the "McKinsey scandal".

McKinsey & Company is a large international consulting firm that has been the subject of controversy in the past. The company has faced criticism for its role in promoting the opioid Oxycontin, for working with U.S. energy company Enron, and for partnering with international governments considered controversial, including the Saudi Arabian regime.

According to recent news reports, the amount of money awarded to firms associated with or represented by McKinsey has increased significantly under Justin Trudeau's administration compared to what had been awarded during the previous administration of Stephen Harper.

In his appearance Poilievre demanded explanations as to what the funds awarded in contracts to the McKensey firm have been used for:

Now we learn that the Liberal government has awarded 35 times more money in contracts to the McKensey firm than the previous Conservative government. Recent reports have shown that neither the company nor the government is willing to explain what this money was for. 66 million in central government contracts, tens of millions of dollars in other crown corporation contracts. An immigration civil servant, whose name I'm going to withhold, told us that it's not even known what they received in return for that money. What did Canada get, what are the results of this genius firm's work, well, a waiting list of 1.1 million immigrants and over 1 million waiting over the legal time limit. So we want to know what all this money was used for.

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