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Poilievre: Trudeau is "desperate" and seeks to "divide to distract".

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre used his social networks to disseminate a nearly three-minute video in which he speaks to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and accuses him of creating division among Canadians to distract from the economic problems the population is facing.

Justin, I see you are desperate again, how do I know, because when you are desperate you divide to distract and that is what you have done today. I read in the Liberal pamphlet, the Toronto Star, that you stated that the reason you are so unpopular with Canadians is because Canadians are racist and this is coming from an individual who has dressed up so many times in racist costumes that he can't even remember them all. You are in no position to call anyone racist, but we know why you do it, you want to distract, you want people to be afraid, because if people are afraid of their neighbor maybe they will forget that they can't pay the rent. If they are afraid of other Canadians they might forget that under you we have reached the highest inflation in 40 years.

Poilievre went on to say that Trudeau wants people to forget that crime has increased and that he has focused more on hunters than violent criminals.

He said he is trying to make people forget about the chaos at airports. He picked up his cell phone and waved it around to show the long lines at the airport.

Poilievre said conservatives will no longer allow him to do that. He added that they are going to point out that these failures are their failures.

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