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Trudeau assures no backtracking on gun control law

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today answered through a video on his Twitter account a series of questions posed to him by netizens after he invited the public to ask him whatever they wanted.

One of those questions was whether the federal government would roll back Canada's gun control and ban bill C-21, following criticism from groups who say not only assault weapons but many others will be banned. This was Trudeau's response:

The answer is no. Bill C-21 is part of our commitment to Canadians to advance tougher gun control in a responsible and smart way. We have frozen the handgun market - it is now impossible to buy or sell a handgun in this country. We moved forward on the assault weapons ban, which has been in place for two years now, and we are making sure with Bill C-21 that these types of weapons will never again be legal in this country. The concern that some people have is because of misinformation from the conservative party and the gun lobby who say that our intention is to go after hunting rifles and shotguns, when the reality is that we are focused on banning the most dangerous weapons, the assault weapons, the ones that were designed to kill as many people as possible, in the shortest amount of time and in the most lethal way.
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