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Trudeau attacks Poilievre for his support of Freedom Convoy

As the first anniversary of the Freedom Convoy approached, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau criticized Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre's support for the movement.

Reporters asked the prime minister if the Freedom Convoy movement was gaining traction in Canada, which Trudeau used as an opportunity to lash out at Poilievre.

Do you think the movement has grown, do you think it has diminished, what is your reflection one year later?

I think that's a question you should ask Mr. Poilievre, who is closest to the convoy. My focus is on creating good jobs and opportunities for Canadians. We know that people are concerned and even frustrated about how the world is developing around them and as a politician you have two choices. You can choose to amplify those fears, that uncertainty that people legitimately feel, because the world is changing in unpredictable ways, and make them angry, even more so, without offering them real solutions or you can tighten your belt and work for results that will make people regain confidence in their future, in their children's future and their community, in their jobs. These are the kinds of decisions you should make as a leader, but frankly, when Mr. Poilievre's best solution to inflation is to tell people to buy cryptocurrencies, that's not responsible leadership. There will always be politicians out there who try to exploit people's anger and legitimate concerns, but that's not how you build anything, crossing your arms and simply saying Canada is broke is not the way to build a better future for Canadians.

That last allusion was to Poilievre's year-end speech to the Conservative party where he used the phrase that Canada was broke.

It is recalled that Pierre Poilievre expressed his public support for the freedom convoy movement that occupied the capital in late January and early February of last year. The last time he referred to the issue was after the inquiry into the use of the State of Emergency, where testimonies were heard from both the convoy organizers and Ottawa authorities and residents, the Conservative leader assured that his support for the free choice of not vaccinating the truckers continued, while he considered that individual responsibilities should be established for those who broke the law.

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